About Me

The name’s Felix Festinio. I’m a man in my 20’s doing what he can to explore the world of fitness. I started young with golf, and whilst that is still near and dear to me, other areas have become much loved in my life. You’ll hear all about them on here. 

Currently, I work as a fitness coach on a freelance basis, which has been an interesting experience over 2020 and at the start of 2021. I have had to adapt to the changing times like everyone else, but it has been an exciting challenge. This blog is separate from that, however. I will be using my experiences in the world of fitness to write about things, but I want a space away from my work. 

The website name comes from mine, but it also comes from two other places. Golf, as I have mentioned before, was my first sport I took seriously. It may not be the most hardcore option out there, but it teaches plenty about awareness, control and patience. I got into others because of the foundation that golf gave me. The other part is a little cheeky – GG. Good game. It’s gaming slang, but I want this site to be fun too.