Exercises You Can Perform While You Are in the Office

It is hard to stay fit while we spend more than 8 hours a day in the office, right? Imagine you have a pile of paperwork to complete, have a hundred emails to send to clients, or are required to prepare several business presentations every day. It would be complicated to manage your time and stay committed to your fitness goals.

That is why many offices have fitness centers to promote the well-being of their employees. Besides this, employers are also known to go the extra mile to ensure the good health of their employees by providing them with healthcare benefits like health insurance and health savings accounts. However, many employers nowadays want to control employee healthcare benefit costs to avoid shifting excess costs to their staff. But doing that can be a bit overwhelming without the right knowledge. That said, according to a blog post by Eden Health, some of the effective ways to reduce health care costs can be by offering high-deductible healthcare plans, reducing administration costs, and promoting healthcare programs.

Nevertheless, those are the initiatives taken by the employers. But what can we do as employees to maintain our health in the office? Of course, you cannot bring your dumbbell, kettlebell, and other equipment to the office. Do not worry! I also did some exercises myself. Unfortunately, it is never an easy task. But I stay patient and persistent, which helps me beat all the odds and make the impossible possible. Anyway, Here are some exercises I usually do in the office:


Sitting at your desk for hours can cause some tension, including lower back pain, wrist strain, neck & shoulder pain, eye strain, and tight hips. You can significantly reduce the daily discomfort most desk jockeys experience by adjusting your work environment (for example, incorporating ergonomic furniture like office chairs and wrist rest), along with doing some simple stretches. It is true that sitting for more than eight hours can lead to postural problems like disc damage, strained neck and swayed back in the long run. Many corporate employees who work in sitting positions for long hours complain of these postural problems. You could check this post to learn about anti-glare glasses which might help reduce digital eye strain. Or else, you could say bye to this discomfort with some yoga moves to avoid a headache and other aches at night. While there are multiple yoga exercises to try, just roll your head around for a minute. Then, do the same thing with your shoulders. After that, stretch your arms. How do you feel right now? The pain around your neck, shoulder, and back is reduced. Of course, for some people, the pain will need treating medically, potentially with something like Sciatica Surgery, to get you feeling comfortable again, but it’s always worth trying things like yoga before seeking out medical treatment.

Jump Rope

Another quick and recommended cardio workout is probably the jump rope. If you do not have a rope in your office, just pretend you have one. In a standing position, extend your forearms at your preferred angle. Then, imagine you are using a jump rope. From there, try to make circular motions with your forearms. Next, jump whenever they point to the floor. Around 30 repetitions are perfect. You can also add an extra 10, depending on what you want.

Wrist Stretches

More than the neck and shoulder pain, your wrist may start to hurt after hours of working in front of the computer. Wrist pain can affect your productivity and even the quality of your work. When left untreated for days or weeks, that simple pain may cause other severe health problems you do not want to experience. While prevention is better than cure, regular wrist stretches can come into play. To do that, lift your palms and shake your hands to relieve the tension. Also, try clenched fists or praying position stretches.

Desk Push-Ups

Perhaps, you have been searching for a great upper body exercise. Your long wait is over with desk push-ups. Before anything else, secure your laptop on your couch. Then, place your palms at your desk (be sure it is strong and stable enough to handle your weight). After that, move your feet away from the desk. Next, lower your chest down to the desk. Repeat until you are tired. Do this during your break, and be sure to lock your door. Someone may come in, and it may not be very pleasant.

High Knees

Let’s say you have attended many occasions, including weddings, birthdays, or parties, for the past weeks. Maybe, your diet is ruined. So, you need some cardio. If you have finished most of your office jobs, take a break and try to sweat with this exercise. Just stand up from your desk. Then, get your knees as high as you can. Tap your knees with your palms to ensure you are doing the simple workout correctly. Do this for a couple of minutes to enjoy a better result.


Most people have incorporated lunges into their workout, and I am one of them. After months of making lunges, my muscle mass and strength improved. What I love about this workout routine is that it is available in different types. One of my favorite exercises is a stationary lunge, as it targets hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. A stationary lunge is a workout that puts weight on our front leg. How about our back leg? We use it to balance our bodies. Other good choices include side lunges, walking lunges, curtsy lunge, twist lunge, and reverse lunge. Visit online video platforms to find step-by-step tutorials.

If you want to know other information related to fitness and health, online is a good place to continue searching to add to your knowledge.