5 Strategies for Improving Fitness

To keep fit, we ought to consider it from a strategic point of view. This will help us to reach our fitness goal sooner. To not have a target, is to have no idea of the timeframe we are allowing ourselves to get fit. This may, of course, be part of being recruit ready for a certain occupation, such as the army or the police force. We will need to be physically fit for that if we are not already. Also, we will need to maintain that level of fitness throughout our whole career, unless we plan on spending most of it sitting behind a desk. Fitness regimes are also good for us if sitting behind a desk is what most of our job entails because then we need to find a way of improving our fitness during our leisure time. It is good for our body and mind to improve our fitness.

So, this article will consider the ways that we can improve our level of fitness. We can call them strategies because we have thought of them beforehand. That is, before setting off on our journey to improve our fitness.



A regular workout is a good way to keep fit. We should allow for a certain amount of time that we will spend on exercise during the week and book that slot in for ourselves each day. This can be more easily achievable and cost-effective if we have a home gym. Although, the best way to make use of our gym membership might also be to attend it frequently.

A beginner’s home workout might include push-ups, bodyweight squats, walking lunges, jumping jacks, plank, and dumbbell rows. You will want to look at doing about 10 reps on each. More in the case of jumping jacks. Perhaps 30 reps of these. You can replicate a dumbbell by using the equivalent of a gallon milk jug, although you are better off buying proper dumbbells. You can then make sure that you are using the correct and consistent weights and build-up to heavier weights as you build upon and tone your muscles. You should use dumbbells and weights evenly on each arm.



There is no point in exercising if you have no control over your diet. It can be considered a balance between the two because as you exercise you will burn off the calories that you are eating. Also, certain foods will be better for your heart and help with building muscles and maintaining healthy bones.

Eggs contain a high quantity of quality protein, nutrients such as choline and B vitamins, alongside healthy fats. Salmon is a good choice when it comes to building muscles and maintaining your overall health. For a healthy heart, you should control your intake of sugar, salt, saturated fats, and refined carbohydrates. Bacon and red meats are foods to avoid eating to excess. These foods increase your risk of a heath attack or stroke. Just eat a little of what you should avoid, that is all. You do not have to deprive yourself of everything that you enjoy.



The body and mind need to obtain enough sleep. To ensure that it is quality sleep, it is good to sleep at the right times that you have got your body clock used to. Power napping can be considered. This is sleeping for a short period, normally 10 to 20 minutes, to supplement your normal sleep. It will give sleepers a burst of energy and alertness.



To motivate yourself it is important to have goals. This can be how long you are going to exercise for in a single session, and so be about endurance, or if running, about improving on your last time in terms of how long it took to run between two designated points. If the weather is not so good, you can bring this indoors and onto your treadmill. You can still replicate a hill by adjusting the angle of the slope.


Positive Mental Attitude (PMI)

Keeping fit is about attitude and desire. You have to want to put the work in to reach the final goal. It will be worth it because you will feel and be healthier once you have reached your peak of fitness. Then, remembering all the hard work you have put in to achieve it, you will be more motivated to continue maintaining that level of fitness. Once physically fit, you will feel less tired during the day and every activity will seem easier to complete. You just need to maintain that positive attitude to fitness.


In summary, listed above are some wonderful strategies to adopt when striving to improve your fitness. Maintain a regular workout regime, balance this with a healthy diet, make sure that you get enough sleep, and have a target to work towards to keep you motivated. The results that you achieve and how much better you feel while improving your fitness will help keep you positive.